Repair vs. Replace

Windows: Replace or Repair?

Have you been told that your foggy windows must be replaced? That they can’t be repaired? Chances are good that your current windows are still sound and operational, with many useful years remaining. Older insulated glass that has become fogged is a maintenance issue, not a reason to start all over again.

Will you be in your home long enough to recover the cost through energy savings? You might think that new replacement windows will “pay for themselves” with energy savings, but the average time to recover the cost is about ten years. After price has been long forgotten, the true value that remains will be your enjoyment of the attractive view and a properly maintained interior temperature. By replacing glass in only a few windows that need service, you can restore the beauty and make the interior of your home comfortable again in a single visit from Inst-I-Glass. We deliver all the value of replacement windows – without the cost, wait, and disruption to your home and schedule!

Do you need only a few windows repaired? The need for maintenance on a few pieces of double pane glass shouldn’t pressure you into a decision to replace every window in the house. Some installers are reluctant to install just one replacement window, or only a few. Of course, if you buy just a couple, that can give your house an oddly mismatched appearance. Even if you replace in stages, plan on eventually doing them all.

But what about improvements since your original windows were made? Perhaps the most important improvement is the wide-spread availability of Low-E glass. Low-E glass is always a great value for the money, because it filters light, reduces glare, better maintains interior temperatures regardless of season, and protects furniture, flooring, and draperies from UV damage. We can help you upgrade from clear to Low-E for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

The bottom line is that if you’re satisfied with your existing windows and a few units of insulated replacement glass will solve your problems, you’ll save thousands of dollars over replacing windows throughout your home!