Foggy Glass Repair

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dirty-wet-windows-2-462224-mHave you noticed a window that just won't come clean? Have some of your windows become foggy or can you see moisture in between the panes? Most modern windows have either double pane or triple pane insulated glass. The glass is formed into an insulated unit consisting of two or three panes of glass, spacer material, and a sealant. Foggy glass, mold growth, water damage, and loss of energy efficiency are all possible if any of these components becomes damaged. Cloudy and foggy glass are most often due to seal failure, in which water and moisture are drawn inside the insulated glass unit. In this situation, Inst-I-Glass has found that the most effective and economical choice is to replace the glass. With our proprietary process, we're able to use the sash and frame again, which not only helps to reduce the cost, but also means that we can address only those windows that are affected while still keeping the aesthetics of the property intact.

Occasionally, customers will ask if it's possible to simply wash the inside of the window glass to remove the moisture, mold, and deposits. Inst-I-Glass neither performs nor recommends this approach, however, as it never addresses the original seal failure. Why pay for replacement glass with the same technology that failed in the first place? The only true repair for your dirty or foggy window or door glass is properly sealed, new insulated glass. Here at Inst-I-Glass, we simply won't offer anything less!