Glass Repair & Replacement

Glass Repair & Replacement for Windows and Doors

Accidents happen, but if you have a broken window or glass door, getting it fixed FAST is a priority. At Inst-I-Glass, we can replace window glass immediately. We come to your home or office and measure, manufacture and install replacement glass right there on the spot. In most cases, by spending just a few minutes on the phone with you, we can assess your needs and provide a firm estimate to replace the glass in your existing windows and doors. If you’re ready for service, we can schedule your appointment!

When it comes to windows and doors, Inst-I-Glass is the glass repair and replacement expert for Southern Michigan and Northwest Ohio – Ann Arbor, Brighton, Toledo, Findlay, Sandusky, and everywhere in between.

Having your glass serviced by Inst-I-Glass lets you maintain the beauty of your windows and honor the aesthetics of your property by keeping the existing frames and sashes! When a window breaks, people often think they have no choice but to replace the entire window, which leaves them with a quandary; buy one replacement window that doesn’t match the other windows, or replace all of your windows – an expensive and time consuming production. At Inst-I-Glass, our well-trained, uniformed glass technicians replace the broken glass in the existing window unit. We can replace most types of glass, including single pane, double pane, and triple pane. We also specialize in the restoration of unique or custom sized windows that are difficult and costly to replace.

We can replace glass in many different types of windows:

  • Wood, Vinyl, Fiberglass or Aluminum
  • Double or Single Hung, Casements, Picture Windows
  • Single Pane, Double Pane, Triple Pane
  • Custom Windows such as Full Circle, Quarter or Half Round, Standing Arch, Palladium Windows, Octagons, Trapezoids, etc.
  • Clear or Low-E Glass, Tinted Glass, Pattern Glass or Privacy Glass
  • Tempered Glass or Laminate Glass for use near stairs, doors, or other windows where building codes require Safety Glass.

We can also assist you with replacement glass for many different types of doors and specialty glass:

  • Patio Sliding Doors
  • French Doors
  • Front and Rear Entrances
  • Security Doors
  • Fire Resistant Doors
  • Arches and Half Circles above doors
  • Decorative and Standard Side Lites
  • Replacement of Designer Inserts
  • Scratch Removal or Restoration of Custom Art Glass