Energy Efficient Glass

By preventing heat from being lost in the winter or gained in the summer, insulated glass windows are crucial not only to your comfort, but also your budget. Having properly functioning insulated glass windows are one of the most important factors in home or office energy consumption and can significantly reduce annual heating and cooling bills. BUT... getting brand new energy efficient windows installed throughout your home is a very long and costly process. New vinyl replacement windows do have many commendable attributes and can be both an environmental and financially sound choice when appropriate. However, at Inst-I-Glass, we remain committed to restoring our customers existing windows, whether wood, vinyl, or fiberglass, so that the maximum value can be obtained from the existing windows. So long as your windows have years of useful life remaining, replacement and restoration is by far the best and most economical choice.

If you have older double pane glass windows, you can enhance energy efficiency by upgrading to low emissivity or "Low-E" glass. Using a special coating, Low-E glass prevents much of the UV light from entering through the glass, which helps keep the temperature inside more stable. Low-E glass also helps to protect upholstery, draperies, and flooring from becoming dry and faded from exposure to sunlight.  

When it comes to the overall efficiency of your home or office windows, we consider all of the factors, including the U-factor (interior air escape), the R-factor (interior heat conserved), and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (heat retained from exposure to sunlight). While type and quality of your existing window frames do impact the overall energy efficiency of your windows, the window glass itself is the most important factor. When an Inst-I-Glass technician arrives on-site to replace your glass in an existing window or door, they are replacing the most important component from an energy standpoint. 

Each and every unit of insulated glass that we fabricate on our manufacturing trucks utilizes the industry's recognized leader in warm-edge technology, Edgetech IG, and their Super Spacer. Insulated glass windows with Edgetech's Super Spacer beat the competition across the board, from longevity, to heat transfer, to comfort. To learn more about the performance of insulated glass fabricated with Super Spacer, visit: